XP Unity Hurricane Laura Relief Fund

When a disaster strikes, recovery efforts led by people who live and work in affected communities unite to help.


To make a difference in the communities we serve by leading and partnering for impactful initiatives that provide hope, change, and unity through charitable causes, educational programs, motivational events, and other worthwhile social initiatives.


You may ask how all proceeds from donations go to our cause? Our community of generous donors and employees allow us to contribute all collections to those in need. With that said, if you wish to donate services and support in other ways, please call (985) 359-2858 to see how you can help volunteer.

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To raise funds to benefit families who have suffered loss or financial distress because of the extensive damage left in the wake of Hurricanes Marco and Laura. Families and senior citizens are in homes without electricity, running water, or fresh food.

Many people are without the life-saving medication and equipment normally used each day. Homes are damaged due to flooding, fallen trees or debris. Hotels are either booked to capacity or too expensive for most to afford. This natural disaster, coupled with the COVID-19 global pandemic, has added another layer of stress and anxiety to households that are already financially stretched way too thin.